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Been at it again

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1Been at it again Empty Been at it again on Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:50 am

So been trying to get something out on the arcade in the near future, yea I know I had an excessively long break, again...  Is just how working on a project that has no end goes I guess.  New things:

Redid almost all of the UI to match much better than it did before.
Monsters made for Area 4-1 and 4-2, 22 in all for now, more minibosses will be added later.
Boss 3 is nearly done, just need to play with him a little more so the fight can be more what my original idea was for him.  He and Area 4-1/4-2 monsters will be opened simultaneously.  This is likely how I will do Boss 4-1 and 4-2 and Area 5-A and 5-U as well.
Redid the intro screen as the other one was just, really really bad and looked like it was made in grade school with a light bright.
System to ensure monsters do NOT spawn on top of player's heads will likely be in use when Boss3 gets finished.

Will post again when this is all actually posted to the arcade, although I'm sure any who see this will see that before this site.

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2Been at it again Empty Re: Been at it again on Thu Jul 02, 2015 7:00 pm

Wow, I am really bad at updating this.  My claims to update it are similar to broken New Year's resolutions.  Oh well, here is what I've done since my last posting, excessively abridged of course:

Areas will no longer be up unless you are currently fighting in them.  This was done to help with lag issues, and will be even more necessary when Areas 5-A, 5-U, and Area 6 come out.

Monsters should not spawn on top of you any more.

Monsters will not hang out directly on top of checkpoints any more.

Messages added for when your target is immune to root/snare/ice, mezz(moonshine), fear(dark terror), slow (power tap or scorpion sting), and possession (bourbon blast or ghost possession.

Totally revamped Bob's pet tree, they should now be more effective in later areas, provided you are keeping their levels up.

All summoned units now have actual summon animations, instead of just appearing instantly.

Added a weapon shop for Area 1, 2, and 3.  This may be expanded later on, but this was mostly done to give players a way to acquire weapons critical to progression if they aren't so lucky on items dropping.

Re-did potion shop, this included adding Full Heal, Full Mana, Elixir, Mega Elixir, and Invulnerability potions.  Base prices were also drastically reduced, Elixir, Mega Elixir, and Invulnerability will remain very expensive due to their nature.

Added signs all over to help navigation, to explain what is going on.

Put a lot of work into a Quest system, it isn't actually active in the game yet, but hope to get something in soon.  This will become increasingly important for being able to acquire certain types of weapons, being able to progress in game, etc.

UI updated to be more resolution friendly, not require a player know -reset all, -reset stats, -reset skills to do so, that sort of thing.

Fixed cure issues with it not removing certain detrimental behaviors.

Fixed main Boss issues, some that existed before, some that were created by the new way Areas re-spawn.

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3Been at it again Empty Update of Sorts 02/17/2016 on Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:29 pm

So haven't been doing too well updating this, but what else is new. Will try to post what updates are new since the last post. Have been working on it, just not updating here, per se.

Stuff I've done since the last update post:

Quest System is now active, has quests for Area 0, 1, 2, and 3. Not all quests for those areas are implemented yet, but at least 80 % are already in. Many new items can only be gotten through the quest system.

Adjusted miniboss drop rates to make quests more doable, and made minibosses more visible as well. An easy fix, but one that needed doing regardless.

Fixed models for MANY items so they wouldn't get stuck in ungettable places, and be easier to click on. This was done by making their base model a hidden taurus (fat ring), then attaching the graphical component to that. This gives them a solid circular selection area.

Added a few monsters in previous areas, in particular Lesser Rock Dervish and Rock Dervish. By far one of my more ambitious looks for a monster, is not a new model or anything, is actually just several rock models rotating around a central axis.

Things planned in the near future not necessarily in order:

More minibosses/items for Area 4-1/4-2.
Boss 4-1
Boss 4-2
Finish monsters for Area 5-U, so far have Petrified Treant, Undead Reaper, Black Sheep, Ground Beef, Greater Drone, and Spectral Berserker done. Still need to add about 3-4 more monster types, probably Commando, Wizard, and Cleric or Shaman of sorts, and 4-5 planned minibosses and the main boss.
Finish monsters for Area 5-A, so far have... Nothing! I have several mapped out, planned, but no data put in yet.
Start on Area 6, the final area, that one is a long ways off, just saying right now.
Implement Gambling system, including 50-60 new items that will only be acquirable through gambling.

All I can think to add that isn't just me rambling on, will try to post here a 'little' more regularly, but my ability to forget to do things knows no bounds!

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