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Weapon/shields disappearing. Item visibility bug?

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Hi Zerg. Thanks for the bug fix yesterday, much more playable now.

1. There seems to be a bug where the weapon and shield ill disappear off of imp,bob, or jack. It also sometimes won't register when you try to equip new ones. I think it has to do with loading/switching characters and maybe sometimes when you die? Not really certain. Doesn't effect Knight or Casper.

2. Another item bug. It seems like Items block visibility, and if left on the ground too long, will continue to block visibility even after picked up. It's the 2nd bit the becomes problematic. You end up having tons of visibility blocks in random spots of the map.

3. Jack: buff tooltip bug. This one is pretty minor, but the display on his ability buttons (the entire "life alter" tree) is much higher than the display on the actual buffs. (the buff tooltip seems to be the actual amount given).

2Weapon/shields disappearing. Item visibility bug? Empty Unintentional side effects on Thu May 14, 2015 6:03 pm

1. I believe I know why they might be dissapearing, I'll try to figure out what is going wrong to make that happen.  Forgot to test my scenarios against loading/reloading apparently Smile

2. I see, apparently adding the protoss relic floating effect also added vision blocking to the items it affected.  Will see if I can find a way to undo this, and if not i'll just remove the effect entirely.  The idea was to make the weapons more visible, not blind everyone.

3. I will look into these at some point, just not going to stress those too much at this moment.  Are you referring to his buffs like Steel Reserve, Hypnotiq, in the buff window not matching the button tooltips, or what exactly is goofed up?  I'll have a look at this later if I can resolve 1 without too much headache.

Thanks again for the reports, will try to get these resolved when I can.  I'm a little busy on my other map at the moment, so mostly doing damage control on this one for the time being Smile

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in answer to your question on number 3, yes it's exactly like that. hypnotic, reserve etc. and yeah not a big issue.

What other map are you working on?

4Weapon/shields disappearing. Item visibility bug? Empty 3 issues SHOULD be fixed on Fri May 15, 2015 2:45 am

Other map I'm working on is Death TV, is more a shootem up then an RPG, fun in a different way.

So issue 1 was worse than I thought, it was happening for knight/imp/jack/bob , and transitions between knight and jack/imp/bob were failing.

One of the issues was that in order for it keep an item equipped but not give stats for it until the specified level, it was screwing up the bank file.  Now I could make it so the systems are separate, and retain that way of working, but for simplicity items you can't equip will simply boot themselves to your bag or on the ground if your bag is full now.  

The other issue was the arrays for holding items were not properly being reset on a character switch, which caused some interesting issues going from knight to a caster type.  It just wipes them out like it is a new game going forward.

Issue #2, I'm not sure why it now works, but it does.  I scrapped the footprint I was using and adapted a lowered supply depot one instead, no vision issues this way it appears.  Added the relic floatiness to some weapons/shields to help them be more visible.

Issue #3, apparently in the dref tooltip world, operations happen left to right, even if it means addition before multiplication....  This was resulting it in displaying 20 x the rank, instead of 15 + 5 x rank as intended.  Fortunately, the dref tooltip world does respect the rules regarding parentheses, so was able to fix them up to be accurate once again.

Got another thing or two to fix up, but will be posting a new version soon, either before the patch or after.

Edit:  Looks like before the patch it is, was able to tweak advanced options a little to load/save more reliably, and it will now show them whenever you make a new character to help those who aren't aware they exist.

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