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Progress so far

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1Progress so far Empty Progress so far on Fri May 24, 2013 8:35 pm

So I have got good news and bad news as far as the Updates go.

Bad news, I don't have anywhere near enough done to warrant publishing a new map/mod file.

Good news, I have been actively working on getting the Knight/Jack classes up and going. Knight has all his abilities now, but needs a lot of trigger work to implement it into the game, and the abilities need to be scaled to sane levels of usefulness, they are currently completely overpowering.

Jack has all his abilities outlined, again, scrapped some ideas and added new ones. The abilities themselves shouldn't be too difficult to create once I get going on them, but am really pushing to have Knight class properly implemented into the game before June here. At that point I will try to publish the new version to Battlenet.

Made other minor changes, including making the White Mage have a chance to critical heal herself, decreasing the overall gain from sta/agi/level for Knight/Jack/Casper as they were being made far too strong. Hydralisks are once again more dangerous, I have no intention of gimping them again.

Also have added 3 new weapons to the game for the sole purpose of being starter weapons. They will be the worst weapons in the game, will not sell for anything, and will not be sellable. Should love their names:

Wooden Sword of Splintering (Knight)
Some Branch (Imp,Bob,Jack)
Rusted Over Handgun (Casper)

Images do exist for Area 3 tier items now, but as of yet no Area 3 exists, won't be starting work on that until Knight is done at the soonest, after Jack is done at the latest.

Hope to be posting something near the start of June announcing Knight is finished.

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Knight now has all of his abilities, skill tree and all. Now, I'm sure the abilities will need balancing, cost reductions, level requirement increases/decreases in the future. Probably be good if I gave some of them graphics/sounds to go with them later, but functionally they are fine at this time.

Reduced the overall damage of all melee weapons, as the Knight was just plain much stronger than intended abilities or not. Running around insta-killing anything in Area 2 at level 50, hitting the White Mage boss so hard all she could do was heal and hope to stay alive was NOT what I had in mind. This change will mostly effect the Knight and Jack classes as they count on melee as a large portion of their damage.

Casper Uzi weapons have received an increase in power as they were far weaker than intended. Hydralisk/Zergling have been made harder, including the Big Baby Zergling and Overgrown Young Hydralisk mini-bosses. White Mage self heals now have a chance to crit and completely heal her instead of the usual 50 %.

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3Progress so far Empty Progress as of 06/21/2013 on Fri Jun 21, 2013 5:25 pm

First of all, haven't uploaded a new map/mod file yet, still have a lot in Area 3 to work on before that, can expect something before July though.  However, have finally made all the menus circular, meaning you can traverse any way you want to go and backtrack no problem.  This has included revising the hero select dialog, revising the advanced dialog/yesno dialog, adding the ability to switch characters/make new characters even after you have picked one while in game, good stuff like that.

As far as Area 3 goes, most the abilities for the base monsters are done as far as I know, those used to marines running away are also in for a very rude awakening when they enter Area 3.  The new ones are a little scary.  Other new monsters not before seen will also be there, including a lesser cleric, lesser wizard, and a lesser green slime.  They won't be very nice either, and obviously one of them might heal the other ones.

Area 3 item icons are for the most part done, just need to add the data/trigger aspects of them now, which can take several hours given the volume.  Monsters definitely be dropping some new stuff though for all classes.

Area 3 Boss is still in the works, I haven't designed him at all yet, but been thinking a lot about abilities to give him, I should have something thrown together by the end of June.

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4Progress so far Empty Progress as of 07/01/2013 on Mon Jul 01, 2013 5:12 pm

No Uploads as of yet, monsters have various little glitches all over the place, loot doesn't drop in Area 3 just yet, plus a few minibosses are planned to drop loot other than just rings soon.  Also, no main boss for Area 3 yet, I greatly underestimated the amount of time implementing new items would take, me redoing all the naming for all items again didn't help matters either.  Not all the new weapons are working properly at this time either.

Will be uploading something soon as I get monsters/weapons/loot fixed, I won't wait for main Boss 3 to be done.

Main Changes coming with next upload:

Change heroes in game, no more having to start new games just to pick or create a different hero.

Less ugly/horrible looking select menu, several other dialogs have been updated as well.

50 new items added, at least 12-14 of them new weapons.  Anyone who favors Casper should be rather happy with the additions.

New area opened up, Area 3.  Far nastier versions of monsters from Area 1 and 2(don't worry, no rams this time!), along with a few monsters not before seen.

Level requirements on items now actually means something, took the time to figure out why this was failing and put an end to it letting anyone use level 40 gear and such.

Further standardized item/weapon/damage/unit names in data/triggers.  Also cleaned up a considerable amount of useless xml on the data side of things.  While this won't be seen, this will improve performance and reduce chance of errors.

Removed ability to gain experience as a corpse, gaining keys/rings from boss kills is still possible, and shall remain so.  At this time, death involves sitting in a spot unseen for about 20 seconds then getting respawned.  In the future it will involve having a small grave marker created where you died, waiting 20 seconds at which point a dialog will appear giving you the option to respawn in town, or to sit idly until you get resurrected (an ability Jack will have, may create a tonic for this as well) or your allies beat OP Boss to get you keyed or whatever.

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5Progress so far Empty Progress on Area 3 on Fri Jul 26, 2013 5:58 pm

So all items, monsters and minibosses have been added to area3.  Additionally, about 9 new items have been added to Area 1 and Area 2.  Stuff I am currently working on include the Jack class and the Area 3 Main boss, not sure when those will be to a point where I'm happy with them.  I actually did all this a week ago, I simply forgot to mention that I had, whoops Razz  New map and mod have been uploaded to Bnet.

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6Progress so far Empty Update 01/02/2014 on Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:57 pm

So odd how it works, the more I work on this thing, I feel updates are less worthy of mentioning, like they just aren't enough or something. Guess it is like that plant in little pet shop of horror with Rick Moranis, more you feed it, the more it demands to grow, not even noticing smaller foods after awhile.

Anyways, have been doing a lot of updating on the map, least of which is the support class, Jack Daniels Mage, is finally implemented. Quite surpising how horrible setting the buff system up the way I wanted was. Never again will I have anything bad to say about how Everquest buffs are handled in game, their system is far more sane than mine in many ways. Jack has 19 different abilities, 7 are classified as healing abilities, 6 as buff/debuff, and 6 as detrimental. Only 3 of the abilities cause actual damage, the price he must pay for being so good in the healing and buffing department. Gave him abilities from about 4 different support classes, making him possibly the most OP support class of all time, which was the idea. No lame cleric no one wants to play, give this guy some real abilities.

Other updates include the addition of Area 0, with 5 new monsters there, decided Zerafool should have a chance to drop his weapon, added a monster to Area1 and Area2 as well. Updated Imp's spell icons quite a lot, as his current ones were terrible. Jack's spell icons are really bad right now, I have a guy making them right now, but haven't heard from him in awhile. Fixed a few issues Imp's spells were having, replaced the terribad looking Icy Spray and Thunderclap graphics.

Implemented an experience loss component of dying, in addition to an actual respawn box, not just an automatic respawn you cannot control like before. This was important for a few reasons. One, it allows you to stay there upon dying on a boss fight so if your allies kill him, you can still stick around for the key. Experience gaining is not allowed while dead, but getting keys is. Another important reason for this was so that the support class had a reason to have a Revive spell. Can revive someone on the spot, giving them some experience back too. Finally, it is just nicer to give players control over when they respawn, perhaps they will decide to go do something after a particularly lame death, would like to change music on their machine real quick while dead, you know whatever.

Spent a lot of time on the buff display/removal system, a lot of that time was adding in the 80-90 new buffs I have put in recently. Made it look a little less horrible, and always fit in the box now. Additionally times over 120 seconds convert to minutes now, as fun as 2356 seconds / 60 in your head can be. Finally the detrimental effects that cause actual damage will now actually display how much damage they do as well. Will no longer have to wonder what any of the effects actually do, they tell you right there.

Other things worth mentioning, I did decrease the difficulty scaling by number of players in game by quite a lot. May have to decrease it yet more, only time will tell. Hopefully this + the addition of an Area 0 for starting out characters will be enough so new players don't get completely destroyed first thing and rage quit. Added in actual death messages for the 7 new monsters as well, changed a few item models, can expect a lot of them to change in the future when I am more focused on polishing it up. Made the text in char select far more readable, added in messages to let you know when you can no longer gain experience in an area.

Removed the player list button from the main options and instead set it up more like your own health bar, will always show up by default, can be hidden to just be a little button, it won't even show up if you aren't playing multiplayer either. I may add a way to completely hide it and your own health bar in advanced options later so people can play how they want to.

Replacing the player list button is a new Help button, which will basically just be a few pages to let players know what the heck is going on so they aren't completely overwhelmed. I don't find the game terribly complicated by any means, but apparently the author isn't the best judge of when something is too complicated to figure out Razz I'll be writing up some help stuff as soon as I come up with some sort of dialog I don't hate too much to put the info on.

Nothing else I can think of to list at the moment, so stopping here Smile

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7Progress so far Empty Update 01/03/2013 on Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:36 pm

Actually got a fair amount done last night, enough to update the map file on Bnet again. Got a Help dialog up and going, probably not going to revolutionize how tutorials are made or anything, but a basic start for people who get lost, want to know more commands, etceteras. Fixed up the boulders quite a lot in Area1 boss area, the pathing was just plain bad there, so redid it. Got rid of a few bugs with the dialogs and how certain features were being handled.

Most likely next updates will be the Area 3 Boss, boss bars possibly, and may go ahead and put in a function to prevent monsters from spawning on top of players, that is, DIRECTLY on top, nearby will still be occurring Smile

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8Progress so far Empty Re: Progress so far on Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:51 pm

So done quite a bit lately, again. A great deal of work has been done on dialogs, with a lot more work incoming as well as apparently it has so much noise going on it could choke a cow. Is a work in progress, for sure.... The issues with Casper should now be finally fixed regarding sometimes arriving at a blank dialog for skill tree with no way out. This fix resulted in all banks saving as Knight every time for awhile, found that issue and squashed it as well. Drastically changed how Agility, Dexterity, and armor works. 1 Armor on Armor will now be at least +1 Armor. Agility will add to this bonus slightly, will really make a difference in the 100s. Dexterity will now reduce delays by about 50 % at 1000, as well as increasing Crit chance by 50 %. Almost all abilities available from the skill tree have been greatly reduced in price. All armor now has stats on it, it will make a much more visible difference at lower levels as well as higher ones.

In progress: I have been working quite a lot on the mountain area lately. Been contemplating getting started on Area 3 boss too, but I would like the new areas to be ready so players can truly see new areas if they can beat this boss. I am quite okay with the idea of some players not being able to get through the entire game due to difficulty, this will become ridiculously evident as later areas continue to be revealed. Not impossible to do, but I do want it difficult. Dialogs will continue to be worked on as I can, I really do want them to be easily understood by any new players. Unfortunately my idea of great design and most the world's is not the same in any way. Perhaps the 2 will align more in the future....

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