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The basics

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1The basics Empty The basics on Mon May 06, 2013 2:51 pm

First of all, to play this map you will need Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty.  I do not plan to ever make this map require HoTS or any future expansions, as a few new models is not worth alienating some potential player base.

Getting Started:  If this is your first time playing, you will need to create a new hero to begin adventuring aka KILLING with.  5 classes in all are planned, however only 4 are selectable at this time, and only 3 are besides balancing complete.  5 classes are fully playable, although not necessarily balanced super well at this time.

Current class listing:

Bob (Necromancer/Pet User)

Casper (Archer/Ranged Weapon User)

Imp (Wizard, Ice/Fire/Lightning)

Knight (Meleer/Tank, Incomplete at this time)

Jack (Cleric/Support, Unplayable at this time)

For more details on each class, please go here.

As you level, you will receive ability points, 10 per level.  These can be used for various class specific abilities, or to increase 1 of the 6 stats.  Strength(Str), Stamina(Sta), Dexterity(Dex), Agility(Agi), Intelligence(Int), Wisdom(Wis).  Simply look in the top right hand corner while playing, a menu or small green icon to expand menu is there.  Click Stats to toggle the stats menu, and Skill Tree to toggle the skills menu.

Stat descriptions:

Strength: Increases melee/ranged/splash damage, reduces chance of being stunned.

Stamina: Increases health/health regen.

Dexterity: Decreases weapon delay, increases chance of melee/ranged/splash criticals.

Agility: Increases movement speed, increases AC(Armor) based on class, improves chance of dodging attacks.

Intelligence: Increases energy amount, increases spell damage.

Wisdom: Increases energy regen rate, increases spell damage crit chance.

Additionally, higher levels will slightly increase spell/melee/ranged/splash damage, hp/hp regen amounts, energy/energy regen amounts, movement speed, and crit rates.

Stat resets

Now you may come to the conclusion that 200 Intelligence/Wisdom for the Knight class wasn't the best idea, or that you focused too little on new skills for your Wizard and got too much Stamina instead.  That's okay, you are able to reset your stats/skills at any time using in game commands.

-reset all (Resets all stats/skills, returns all points to you to spend)

-reset stats (Resets stats only)

-reset skills (Resets skills only)

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