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Description of Horologium RPG

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1Description of Horologium RPG Empty Description of Horologium RPG on Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:23 pm

Horologium RPG is short for Horologium Super-Cluster RPG, an actual Super-Cluster in the known universe. The game is meant to have real RPG elements/gameplay to it, but the mood/story is much more parodic in nature. Don't expect the map to take itself too seriously, and do expect really bad corny jokes to appear all over.

Features include:

5 different classes each with very different playing styles.

Many different abilities, particularly for the caster classes, about 19 per caster.

Triwielding system for the Knight class, yes, he can use 3 weapons at once.

Bandolier system for the ghost, allowing him to switch easily between up to 4 different guns.

Easy to access Potion Belt system for all classes, believe me you'll need it.

Very customizable interface to let you play the way you want to, don't even have to show what level you are if you don't want to.

Monsters and bosses worth fighting against, don't expect your typical boring monsters in this game, these monsters will make you pay attention.

Large Inventory, Equipment area, and a huge amount of items to stuff in them.

Banks save all items and settings for you, come back whenever you want.

Monster difficulty scaling/XP scaling and Shared XP, enjoy the game alone or w/ friends.

Semi-beautiful terrain to play in.

Much more is planned, but that is what is implemented so far.

Now for some history on why I started the project:

Basically I played Everquest off and on for like 12 years (started in 99). Played many other RPGs games in the process as well, did make Elements 6 RPG for Brood Wars also. Anyways, around 2011 I was top of my league, best on server, pretty close to best serverwide, etceteras. Found out it is pretty damn boring at the top, especially for 7 months straight.

Anyways, one raid night I just snapped, was sick of being on the hamster wheel I was on, refused to do it any more. So instead decided to say screw that game, I'll start working on my own, can be what I want it to be. Make it more of a gameplay experience, not an endless grind. A very challenging experience.

Messed around on every RPG SC2 had to offer (all 6 of them or something), just to get a feel for what was possible. Could tell that I wanted to create was very possible using the SC2 engine, so have been learning the editor/working on this project since (Around February 2012 or so).

Little bit about me:

Taken a lot of Computer Science related courses at colleges, messed w/ code a lot in my spare time. Never got much into the whole networking thing, but really enjoy making games out of code.

Been playing video games since I was 4 or 5 years old, have a real knack for playing them nonstop forgetting all else. One particularly bad example was me playing 1 game for 3 1/2 days straight trying to get something to happen on that game, meanwhile playing several other video games to pass the time while waiting for that game. Another bad example is me waking up every 3-4 hours to kill a particular spawn for about a week straight, regardless of what time it was.

Really enjoy some of the more difficult games, I still find myself playing through ninja gaiden/contra on the NES sometimes. This of course translates to my games being made to just barely be beatable. Granted contra isn't even that hard until you beat it a few times through, gets a lot harder then.

In real life am married, father of 3. Work at Microsoft, enjoy ridiculously spicy food, etceteras. Between it all is amazing I get any mapping done, lol.

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