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Basic class descriptions

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1Basic class descriptions Empty Basic class descriptions on Mon Nov 05, 2012 7:00 pm

Casper, the Unfriendly Ghost:

Description: If you believe guns are the answer to everything, than this is the class for you. Almost every ability Casper has is gun related, he doesn't really learn new abilities, he picks new guns up in later areas to boost his damage potential. Other than guns, he can use stim packs to fire guns faster, throw grenades to hit for heavy damage in a large radius, and snare/root his opponents if they get too close.

Strengths: Ranged attacker, can take fairly heavy damage if necessary, extremely good at running away/impeding enemy progress.

Weaknesses: Weak when surrounded, poor at dealing with higher HP monsters, poor spike damage potential (large damage amounts in short time). No self healing spells, must rely on potions or other classes for healing.

Imp, the Naked:

Description: The caster of disaster, whose power no robe could contain, the one, the NAKED, IMP! Able to harness fire, ice, and lightning style abilities, the Imp can deal mass damage in a variety of ways. Not all abilities do just damage however, he is able to create town portals, teleport himself, cast barriers on himself/enemies, and create stationary attackers for short durations.

Strengths: Highest Spike Damage potential in the game, no one can fry a target faster than an Imp can. Also able to teleport himself at will to quickly take him in and out of danger.

Weaknesses: Pathetic armor and hitpoint levels, the Imp can be killed very easily. Very easy to use up all of his energy as well. No real mana/health replenishing abilities, plan on buying potions a lot.

Bob, from Accounting:

Description: A very unexciting accountant, who happened to work at the Ancient Indian Burial Grounds and Necronomicon agency. He one day discovered he had the gift of zombifying coworkers through paper cuts and causing horrible diseases through slight sneezes. Guess he shouldn't have volunteered to sort the files in the dark hidden necrotic powers filing section. He relies on energy, flesh of his enemies, flesh of himself, and other weird abilities to destroy his enemies.

Strengths: Easily the most versatile class in the game, he has 3 main forms of attack. Is able to cast a huge array of Damage over Time abilities, 8 in all. Is also able to wield many life altering abilities, allowing him to heal himself and his allies by borrowing flesh, regenerate energy extremely quickly by using his own health up, and send spikes of his own flesh out at enemies for heavy damage. Finally, he is able to summon a wide variety of creatures to do his bidding, able to attack, and in some cases are even able to possess monsters to work for him.

Weaknesses: Extremely weak health and armor levels, no stronger than that of the Imp. Also, with so many different abilities in his arsenal, he is very challenging to use properly. His abilities are also typically inefficient for the energy spent, forcing Bob to burn his own flesh up for more energy on a frequent basis.

Jack Daniels Mage:

Description: Voted the worst cleric on earth 20 years ago, this guy resorts to drinking to deal with his failures. However, his drinking has led him to getting shipped to all sorts of terrible places and he has somehow survived. A competetent fighter from this history, this guy definitely prefers the haymaker approach to attacking, allowing him to focus on healing between attacks. He is indeed a terrible cleric, but unfortunately for our heroes, he is the only type of support that was dumb enough to come to the planet with them.

Strengths: Able to heal himself and team mates. He can also use a variety of buffs on himself and others. Has a good level of health and armor to ward against attacks as well.

Weaknesses: As it is for all clerics, his offense is a little on the weak side. His main strategy for combat is to slowly cause damage while keeping himself alive.

Knight of the Shire:

Description: Probably the most confused character in this entire game, this halfling believes himself to be a knight of ages past, to have immense strength, and 3 arms? In reality he isn't sure how to tie his own shoes. However, he is so convinced of his own thoughts that they become reality to everyone else, including his having 3 arms. He is able to equip weapons in 3 slots, either 3 1 handers, 1 2 hander + 1 1 hander, or.... a 3 handed weapon? On top of this he finds himself with dark and light knight abilities at his own delusional disposal, but delivers most his damage through his 3 arms.

Strengths: Heavy defense, extremely strong melee attack potential. Also the only class able to leech health through his melee attacks. Does best on the front lines getting up close and personal with any foe that appears. Can use some basic spells to do some basic healing/self buffs, as well as some basic offensive spells.

Weaknesses: Very little ranged attacking ability, does extremely poor against fast shooting ranged attackers or units that attack by charging. Pathetic energy amount, can cast maybe a couple spells before running out.

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